Indoor children playground shooting game

Interactive Games(AR)

USD2,400.00 - USD6,000.00
3,200.00 - 3,200.00
USD2,000.00 - USD6,000.00
USD2,000.00 - USD6,000.00
USD2,000.00 - USD6,000.00
USD3,600.00 - USD4,100.00
USD3,400.00 - USD9,000.00
USD2,000.00 - USD5,000.00
USD1,500.00 - USD5,000.00
USD2,000.00 - USD6,000.00

VR Games

USD8,000.00 - USD15,300.00
USD5,000.00 - USD9,000.00
USD4,200.00 - USD4,500.00
USD6,600.00 - USD16,000.00
USD5,000.00 - USD9,300.00
USD5,500.00 - USD9,500.00
USD18,000.00 - USD45,000.00
USD5,000.00 - USD17,000.00
10,000.00 - 10,000.00
USD6,800.00 - USD15,000.00

Arcade Games

USD1,300.00 - USD1,500.00
USD2,000.00 - USD2,500.00
USD3,000.00 - USD4,000.00
USD400.00 - USD800.00
USD4,300.00 - USD6,300.00
USD1,800.00 - USD2,200.00
USD1,000.00 - USD3,000.00
USD3,500.00 - USD4,500.00
USD400.00 - USD600.00


USD500.00 - USD2,500.00
USD5,600.00 - USD6,300.00
USD800.00 - USD1,500.00
USD800.00 - USD1,500.00
1,000.00 - 1,000.00
USD800.00 - USD1,450.00
USD1,780.00 - USD1,920.00
USD2,200.00 - USD2,600.00
USD899.00 - USD1,299.00
USD75.00 - USD155.00

Project Cases

Interactive projection games
2022 05.11

Indoor Interactive Projection in Qatar

Two month to get back all the cost

2017 12.01

The Interactive Projection Game Park in Ukraine

Two month to get back all the cost

Interactive  Projection Games
2020 03.01

The Children Soft Playground in Korea

Interactive Projection Games to Get a Good Revenue

interactive painting game
2019 12.01

The Shopping Mall Attraction in Chile

Particular Aquarium Theme of the Interactive Painting Game

painting game
2019 10.01

Exhibition in the World largest Science Center

The interactive projection painting game is installed in Guangdong Science Center of China

arcade game
2018 11.01

The Arcade Game Room in USA

Eat and Play culture is popular in USA, the customer get a good revenue with the machine bought from us. And already update new machine with us.

About US

BHG is a company supplies with rich experience and innovation in producing and developing game machines such as VR, AR and arcade game machines. Also OEM orders on all entertainment products are capably to be manufactured according to customer demand.

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