The Interactive Projection Game Park in Ukraine


The interactive projection games are very popular in the pass years. Our Ukraine customer catched the chance and looked for the suitable supplier in China. Occasionally, we became one of the supplier and also supplied very good scheme and drawing to the customer. He commented that what we have designed was what he wanted. Afterwards he bought all the products and built up the first interactive projection game center in his place. More and more children came and played in his center, he has ever asked us to give more new style machine for him to expand the business.

Interactive Floor

When walking over the floor, the players interact with the images on the floor, the system randomly switches to different scenes.The floor generates with flowers, the sky smoke drift, the glass ball and lots of different and interesting games. The players can experience different styles of scenes.

Interactive Sand Beach

The children are on the real beach and in the virtual ocean, which is cast through the projection, there are all kinds of seashells and sea crabs scattered across the sand, swimming in the sea with all kinds of fish.

Children pick up Fishing net clap, slowly walked into the sea fishing up all kinds of fish in the fish tank on the beach, experience the fun of fishing, and could be on the beach and playing with a fine sand on the seashore, heaped up all kinds of shapes.

Interactive Sand Table

Interactive sand table can achieve the projection of the image, with the height of the sand pile and gradually show the ocean, the continental shelf, coast, land, hills, mountains and snow-capped mountains and other terrain effect.Children can play to imagine the heap of mountains, repair dike, sand pile color according to the height of the sand show a different color, the water in the sand pile into the part of the sand with the object along the sand down, the water also will be shed, if the missing part of the fill , The flow is stopped. As long as gently waved, the mountains and plains will give birth to flowers and trees, as long as the fingers, small fish turtle will be scared you, waving in the top of the hill can also "detonated volcano." So many children in the sand to explore the experience.