The Shopping Mall Attraction in Chile


The interactive projection painting game is installed in the shopping mall by our Chile customer to attract customers. Children loves the steps like painting,scanning and playing interactively with the sea animals show on the wall. With the large crowd flow, they easily gain the good reputation and profit from the projection.

The interactive painting game includes several scenes, children color the images on the template, the animals or objects on the picture can be scanned and projected into the scene.

There are 3 game scenes for children to play,the ocean/forest/space.That’s a place which full of magic and mystery. Children’s hearts are filled with desire of exploring.Here is a exploration journey that the children can go to create their own animal world.As long as you draw animal on paper, it will magically showing into the screen after a special scan. That is an amazing world giving animal life and when they showing into the screen,you can play with them enjoy close interaction. Children can choose their favorite animal model firstly and then change it through different drawing tools. As you finish your creation, it will display on the screen by putting it under the scanner.You can also interactive with the them.

interactive painting game

interactive painting game